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Child Elements  

lek* dis tg Reading, passage, script.
od* dis itg Song, poem, psalm.
pag* dis tg Column of writing.
stik* dis tg Verse or line of poetry, stich.


Name/Link Type Source/Type Consumption Date


libr* Book
qram* Description
sermon* Dissertation Formal discourse in speech or writing.
* The Drama
* Writing



qlyf* Letter
* Misnomer Misapplied or inappropriate naming or designation.
* Name
* Neology Introduction or use of new words.
* Nomenclature A set or system of names or terms.
* Phrase
solo* Solecism Nonstandard or ungrammatical usage of language or logic.
* Specific Languages
* Spoken Language
* Style
verb* Word
* Written Language



Compend, compendium; abstract, precis, epitome, multum in parvo, analysis, pandect, digest, sum and substance, brief, abridgment, summary, apercu (aper�u), draft, minute, note; excerpt; synopsis, textbook, conspectus, outlines, syllabus, contents, heads, prospectus.
Album; scrapbook, notebook, memorandum book, commonplace book; extracts, excerpta, cuttings; fugitive pieces, fugitive writing; spicilegium, flowers, anthology, collectanea, analecta; compilation.
Recapitulation, resume, review.
Abbreviation, abbreviature; contraction; shortening [more]; compression [more].


Written language between two parties.
Letter, epistle, note, billet, post card, missive, circular, favor, billet-doux; chit, chitty, letter card, picture post card; postal, postal card; despatch; dispatch; bulletin, these presents; rescript, rescription; post (messenger) [more].


Poetry, poetics, poesy, Muse, Calliope, tuneful Nine, Parnassus, Helicon, Pierides, Pierian spring.
Versification, rhyming; prosody, orthometry.
Elegiacs; elegiac verse, elegaic meter, elegaic poetry.
Poet (generative of poetry), poet laureate; laureate; bard, lyrist, scald, skald, troubadour, trouvere; minstrel; minnesinger, meistersinger; improvisatore; versifier, sonneteer; rhymer, rhymist, rhymester; ballad monger, runer; poetaster; genus irritabile vatum.


Printing; block printing, type printing; plate printing [engraving] [more]; the press (publication) [more]; composition.
Print (patient), letterpress, text; context, note, page, column.
Typography; stereotype, electrotype, aprotype; type, black letter, font, fount; pi, pie; capitals (letters) [more]; brevier, bourgeois, pica
Boldface, capitals, caps., catchword; composing frame, composing room, composing rule, composing stand, composing stick; italics, justification, linotype, live matter, logotype; lower case, upper case; make-up, matrix, matter, monotype, point system: 41/2, 5, 5/2, 6, 7, 8 point, etc.; press room, press work; reglet, roman; running head, running title; scale, serif, shank, sheet work, shoulder, signature, slug, underlay.
Folio (book) [more]; copy, impression, pull, proof, revise; author's proof, galley proof, press proof; press revise.
Printer (agent), compositor.


Prose, prosaism, prosaicness, prosaicism [rare]; poetic prose; history (description) [See Description].
Prose writer (generative of prose), essayist, monographer, monographist, novelist; raconteur [F.] [See Description].

Song, Poem


Poem; epic, epic poem; epopee, epopoca, ode, epode, idyl, lyric, eclogue, pastoral, bucolic, dithyramb, anacreontic, sonnet, roundelay, rondeau, rondo, madrigal, canzonet, cento, monody, elegy; amoebeaum, ghazal, palinode.
Song, ballad, lay; love song, drinking song, war song, sea song; lullaby; music [more]; nursery rhymes.
[Bad poetry] doggerel, Hudibrastic verse, prose run mad; macaronics; macaronic verse, leonine verse; runes.
Canto, stanza, distich, verse, line, couplet, triplet, quatrain; strophe, antistrophe.
Verse, rhyme, assonance, crambo, meter, measure, foot, numbers, strain, rhythm; accentuation (voice) [more]; dactyl, spondee, trochee, anapest; hexameter, Pentameter; Alexandrine; anacrusis, antispast, blank verse, ictus.

Writer (generative/executive of writing)

Scribe, amanuensis, scrivener, secretary, clerk, penman, copyist, transcriber, quill driver [humorous]; stenographer, brachygrapher, tachygrapher, phonographer, logographer, cipherer, cryptographer or cryptographist, steganographist; typewriter, typist; writer for the press (author) [See Book]; chirographer, cerographist; monographist, graphomaniac; calligraphist, calligrapher; cacographer; graphologist.


Chirography, stelography [rare], monography, stylography, cerography, graphology; pencraft, penmanship; quill driving [humorous]; typewriting.
Line; headline.


SHORTHAND; stenography, brachygraphy, tachygraphy; secret writing, writing in cipher; cryptography, steganography; phonography, pasigraphy, polygraphy [rare], logography.

COPY; transcript, rescript; rough -, fair- copy; rough draft.

HANDWRITING; signature, sign manual, mark, autograph, monograph, holograph; hand, fist [colloq.].

Calligraphy (good writing).

Cacography (bad writing), griffonage [F.], barbouillage [F.]; scribble &c. v.; pattes de mouche [F.], fly tracks; ill-formed letters; pothooks and hangers.

STATIONERY; pen, reed, quill, goose quill; pencil, style, stylograph, stylographic pen, fountain pen; paper, foolscap, parchment, vellum, papyrus, tablet, block, pad, notebook, memorandum book, copybook, commonplace-book; slate, marble, pillar, table; blackboard; ink-bottle, inkhorn, inkpot, inkstand, inkwell; typewriter.

COMPOSITION, authorship; cacoëthes scribendi [L.]; graphomania; lucubration, production, work, preparation; screed, article, paper, pamphlet; book [See Book]; essay, theme, thesis; novel, textbook, poem, book of poems, book of verse; compilation, anthology; piece of music, morceau [F.] (musical composition) [See Music].

transcription (copy); inscription (record); superscription (indication).