Execution of antagonism.

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flik* Attack
beltr* Battlefield Location of antagonism.
mewbel* Contention Mutual antagonism.
aleks* Defense Counteraction against antagonism.
* Munitions Materials of antagonism.
* Party One or more people representing a particular or position.
paks* Peace Absence of or resolution of  antagonism.
* Responses to Antagonism
* Rivalry Passive antagonism between two parties.
* States of Antagonism
* War Prolonged antagonism.
* Warfare Execution of antagonism.
belaq* Weapon Instrument of antagonism.


Warfare synonyms

WARFARE; fighting &c. v.; hostilities; war, arms, the sword; Mars, Bellona, grim-visaged war, horrida bella [L.]; bloodshed.\n appeal to -arms, - the sword; ordeal -, wager- of battle; ultima ratio regum [L.], arbitrament of the sword, declaration of war.\n battle array, campaign, crusade, expedition; mobilization; state of siege; battlefield (arena) [See Arena]; warpath.\n ART OF WAR, rules of war, the war game, tactics, strategy, castrametation; generalship, soldiership; military evolutions, ballistics, gunnery; aviation; chivalry; gunpowder, shot, shell, poison gas.\n battle, conflict (contention) [See Contention]; service, campaigning, active service, tented field; kriegspiel or Kriegsspiel [Ger.], fiery cross, trumpet, clarion, bugle, pibroch, slogan; war cry, war whoop; battle cry, beat of drum, rappel [F.], tom-tom; word of command; password, watchword; passage d’armes [F.].\n war to the -death, - knife; guerre à -mort, - outrance [F.]; open -, trench -, guerrilla (or guerilla) -, internecine -, civil- war (or warfare).\n WAR MEDAL, military medal, Victoria Cross, V. C., croix de guerre [F.], médaille militaire [F.], iron cross [Ger.].\n WAR NEWS, war bulletin, war extra; war correspondent.