Instance of deception.

Discrete Intangible Action
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lewhor* Deceiver Generative agent of deception.
* Disguise Deceptive investment.
lewhend* Dupe Patient of deception. Person who acts, believe or trust too readily, especially without proper or adequate evidence or reason. Agent of credulity.
frawd* Fraud Deception, untruth, improbity or breach of confidence, perpetrated for profit or to gain some unfair or dishonest advantage.
lakw* Snare
* Tinsel Deceptive ornament.
* Trick Instance of deception.


Trick synonyms

TRICK, cheat, wile, blind, feint, plant [slang], bubble, fetch, catch [dial.], chicane, artifice, reach [obs.], bite [obs., colloq.], juggle, hocus [archaic]; thimble-rig, card sharping, artful dodge, swindle; tricks upon travelers; trapan or trepan [archaic]; stratagem (artifice) [See Cunning]; fake [colloq. or slang], hoax.