Willful denial of freedom.

Primary Base katen*

Child Elements  

-arc* inst dis tg Instrument of restraint of a particular.
katen* act m itg Physical restraint.
katenaq* inst dis tg Means of restraint.
katenemp* rel abl ac To remove restraint (from); free, liberate.
katenos* rel ess sta m itg Physically restrained.


Name/Link ΒΆ Type Source/Type Consumption Date


kratemp* Abrogation Abolition or annulment of authority.
tyran* Arbitrary Power
krat* Authority Action of the will of one mind or party over the will of another.
* Command Wielding of authority.
legofur* Commission Vicarious authority.
pel* Compulsion Forceful application of authority.
* Consignee Person appointed to administer the affairs of a person, company, or institution.
leg* Deputy Agent of vicarious authority.
liber* Freedom
kratew* Laxity Absence of authority.
awsterew* Lenity Lack of severity.
kratemp* Liberation Ablation of authority.
* Master Agent of authority or compulsion.
let* Obedience Submission to authority.
kratolv* Resignation Voluntary relinquish of authority.
katen* Restraint Willful denial of freedom.
dowl* Servant Object of compulsion.
awster* Severity Degree of authority.
* Subjection Dative of compulsion.



Confinement Restraint within a facility. Restringency [obs.], durance, duress; imprisonment; incarceration, coarctation [obs.], entombment, mancipation [obs.], thrall; thralldom (subjection) [See Subjection]; durance vile, limbo, captivity; blockade.
Facility of confinement: Detention camp; quarantine station.

Restraint cross-reference

Base katen* Restraint.
Generative katenor*
Dative agent katenod* Keeper.
Dative patient katenend* Keep.
Abessive katenew*
Ablative agent katenemp*
Ablative patient katenolv*
Means katenaq* Shackles.
Result katenm*