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Child Elements  

-ant* abs ess sta Facing, in front of and facing, confronting.
ant* ag To face, be in front of and facing; to confront.
front* dis tg Forehead.
protern* loc Front, foreground.


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* Brow Upper front of the face.
qen* Chin



Front synonyms

Fore, fore part or forepart; foreground, forefront; face, disk or disc, frontage, façade, proscenium, facia, frontispiece; priority, anteriority; obverse (of a medal).
VAN, vanguard; advanced guard; forerank, front rank; outpost; first line; scout.
BROW, forehead, visage, physiognomy, phiz [colloq.], features, countenance, mug [slang]; metoposcopy; chin, mentum; rostrum, beak, bow, stem, prow, prore, jib, bowsprit.
pioneer (precursor) [See Precursor].