Abession Quality of not having, holding, containing or possessing an entity, action or quality. [Relation] *

Ability Competence in activity. [Power] maq*

Ablation Subtractive activity. [Relation] *

Abode Place of habitation. [Habitation] boed*

Abode Aggregates [Abode] *

Abrogation Abolition or annulment of authority. [General Intersocial Volition] kratemp*

Absence Lack of presence. [Presence] *

Absence of Motive [Motive] *

Absolute Relation [Relation] *

Absolute Time [Time] *

Abstainer Essive of abstinence. [Abstinence] *

Abstention Voluntary avoidance. [Avoidance] *

Abstinence Absolute temperance. [Temperance] cest*

Abstract Relations [Thesaurus] *

Abstract Space [Space] *

Absurdity Contrarity to reason. [Results of Reasoning] qarq*

Abuse Harmful or injurious use. [Precursory Measures] skur*

Acceleration Increase in velocity over time. [Velocity] celerawq*

Accession Direct acquisition of authority. [Authority] kratend*

Accessory Instrument of accompaniment. [Accompaniment] *

Acclivity Upward obliquity with respect to a base horizontal. [Obliquity] anakliv*

Accompaniment [Determinate Number] uk*

Accomplice Auxiliary in the commission of a crime. [Auxiliary] *

Accumulation Continued assemblage. [Assemblage] kumul*

Achromatism Lack or loss of color. [Specific Light] kromew*

Acid [Sourness] ac*

Acoustics Science of sound. [Sound] sonoc*

Acquisition [Possessive Relations] qend*

Acquittal Discharge or settlement of a debt or obligation. [Moral Institutions] *

Act Instance of action with purpose. [Action] *

Action [Simple Voluntary Action] prak*

Activity Rate of action. [Simple Voluntary Action] *

Actor [The Drama] thesp*

Acts of Volition [Individual Volition] *

Actual Subservience [Subservience to Ends] *

Addict Slave to habit. [Habit] *

Addition [Conjunctive Quantity] qed*

Adjunct Object of addition. [Conjunctive Quantity] dhawks*

Adolescence Time of transition into adulthood. [Age] efeb*

Adulthood State of having attained one's full size and strength. [Age] al*

Adversity Negative fortune or outcome. [Results of Voluntary Action] neot*

Advice [Complex Voluntary Action] monst*

Adviser Dative agent of advice. [Advice] monstod*

Advocacy Action of pleading for, supporting, or recommending aid. [Aid] *

Aesthetics Science of good taste. [Grace] *

Affectation Effort to appear to have a quality not really or fully possessed; pretense of actual possession; conspicuous artificiality of manner or appearance; effort to attract notice by falsehood, assumption, or any assumed peculiarity. [Discriminative Affections] *

Affections in General [Sentient & Moral Powers] *

Affirmation Assertion of existence, truth or goodness. [Modes of Communication] *

Age Time with reference to the progression of life. [Time with reference to a particular Period] *

Agency [Power in Operation] *

Agent Cause or initiator of action. [Simple Voluntary Action] q*

Agent of Desire [Desire] rgod*

Aggravation Increase in severity, bitterness, or violence. [Passive Affections] asper*

Agitation Irregular motion. [Motion with reference to Direction] kwat*

Agreement General relation. Abstract order. [Relation] harm*

Agriculture Management of plants. [Special Vitality] fyonom*

Aid Auxiliary support. [Party] awks*

Air [Specific Fluids] aer*

Air in Motion [Fluids in Motion] anem*

Alarm Indication of danger. [Danger] domnajat*

Albification Generation of whiteness. [Whiteness] lewkif*

Alien Extraneous person. [Extraneousness] host*

All [Whole] tot*

Alley Opening for walking. [Opening] *

Ally Auxiliary by treaty or league. [Auxiliary] *

Almond The nutlike kernel of the fruit of species Prunus dulcis. [Fruit] amyqdal*

Alternation Oscillation between two fixed points, positions or states. [Oscillation] altern*

Ambush Means of concealment. [Concealment] *

Amends Material atonement. [Atonement] *

Amnesty Deliberate oblivion. [Oblivion] *

Amorphism Absence of form. [Form] formew*

Amusement Holding the attention of someone pleasantly. [Passive Affections] jok*

Analysis Division of a particular into its constituent elements. [Arrangement] *

Ancestor [Connaturality] tregen*

Anchor Vinculum dropped by a chain, cable, or rope to the bottom of a body of water for preventing or restricting the motion of a vessel or other floating object, typically having broad, hooklike arms that bury themselves in the bottom to provide a firm hold. [Vinculum] ankur*

Anchorage [Refuge] port*

Anemometer Gauge of wind. [Wind] *

Angel Beneficent spirit. [Superhuman Beings & Regions] angel*

Anger Intense resentment. [Resentment] dig*

Angularity [Special Form] qon*

Animal Discrete tangible essive of animality. [Special Vitality] zo*

Animality Animal vitality. [Special Vitality] anim*

Annihilation Rendering inexistent. [Inexistence] stinq*

Annual Time Words for the seasons of the year, names of months, etc. [Time with reference to a particular Period] *

Answer Terminal end of inquiry. [Precursory Conditions and Operations] *

Antagonism Active hostility or opposition. [Individual Volition] bel*

Antenna [Organ of Touch] anten*

Antiquity [Preterition] arkae*

Anxiety [Pain] ank*

Apology Verbal atonement. [Atonement] *

Appearance [Observation] vist*

Appetite Desire to satisfy any bodily need or craving. [Desire] reks*

Applause Approbation expressed through sound. [Approbation] *

Appointment Commission of a person to a position, an office, or the like. [Commission] *

Apportionment [Transfer of Property] nom*

Apprehension Sense of danger. [Fear] *

Approach Motion towards. Decrease of distance from. [Motion with reference to Direction] aderq*

Approbation Official or formal approval or sanction. [Moral Sentiments] kyd*

Arbitrary Power [General Intersocial Volition] tyran*

Arborescence Treelike in size and form. [Symmetry] arb*

Arch [Convexity] haps*

Area [Centrical Dimensions] *

Arena Abode of sport or antagonism. [Abode] aren*

Aristocracy True governance by a few. [True Governance] *

Arrangement Reduction to order. [Order] ordod*

Arrears Debt overdue in payment. [Debt] *

Arrest Bringing into restraint. [Restraint] *

Arrival Terminal motion at. [Motion with reference to Direction] eperq*

Arrogance High pride accompanied with insolence. [Pride] kamar*

Arrow Wooden shaft with pointed metal head, intended to be launched as a projectile. [Sharpness] sagit*

Art [Means of Communicating Ideas] *

Ascent Motion upwards. [Motion with reference to Direction] anaj*

Asceticism Doctrine that a person can attain a high spiritual and moral state through moral practice. [Moral Practice] asket*

Ass (fig.) [Figurative Animals] asinoed*

Assemblage Generation of coherence. [Collective Order] qr*

Assent Judgment in the positive. [Results of Reasoning] rat*

Association [Cooperation] foed*

Athlete Agent of athletics. [Athletics] qymn*

Athletics [Strength] *

Atom Ultimate component of matter. [Component] *

Atonement Satisfaction or reparation for a wrong or injury. [Moral Conditions] kipur*

Attack [Antagonism] flik*

Attention [Precursory Conditions and Operations] skrut*

Attraction Motion towards, actively. [Motion with reference to Direction] lac*

Attribute Accompanying state or property. [Accompaniment] *

Audience Agent of hearing. [Hearing] sonawoq*

Augmentation Expansion by adding external material. [Expansion] *

Authority Action of the will of one mind or party over the will of another. [General Intersocial Volition] krat*

Autograph, Signature Handwritten evidence of identity. [Evidence] *

Autumn [Annual Time] awtumn*

Auxiliary Adjunct to a party. [Party] awk*

Avoidance [Conceptional Volition] evit*

Away Indefinite direction of increasingdistance from a fixed point. [Direction] *

Axiom A self-evident truth that requires no proof. [Maxim] *

Axis Line of reference regarding a linear dimension. [Linear Dimensions] aks*

Azimuth Angle of horizontal deviation, measured clockwise, of a bearing from a standard direction. [Angularity] samt*

Backward [Direction] terq*

Bad Man [Moral Conditions] malos*

Badness Capability of producing evil. Bad qualities. [Degrees of Subservience] *

Bag Transport container; generally flexible; generally made of cloth or plastic. [Transport Container] sak*

Baldness Lack of hair. [Nudity] krinew*

Baleen Filter-feeder system inside the mouth of baleen whales. [Mouth] balen*

Bane Cause of damage or ruin. [Degrees of Subservience] toks*

Bank Monetary instrument of holding. [Monetary Relations] *

Bar Group of lawyers. [Lawyer] juroqoqr*

Barb [Sharpness] akanth*

Barometer Gauge of air pressure. [Air] *

Barricade Barrier intended for defense. [Barrier] *

Barrier Instrument of hindrance. [Hindrance] mur*

Barter Interchange of property for other property. [Interchange of Property] *

Base Foundational or bottommost vertical extreme. [Linear Dimensions] bas*

Basin, crater Concavity of land.
[Concavity] *

Bath Remedy by submergence or cleansing. [Remedy] baln*

Bathometer Gauge of depth. [Depth] *

Bathos Descent from the exalted or lofty to the commonplace. [] bath*

Battlefield Location of antagonism. [Antagonism] beltr*

Bay Concavity of shore. [Concavity] *

Beach [Land] plag*

Bear (fig.) [Figurative Animals] bern*

Beautification Generation of beauty. [Beauty] apror*

Beauty [Discriminative Affections] apr*

Bed Instrument on which sleep takes place. [Support (Physical)] kradl*

Bedroom Chamber of repose. [Chamber] ewn*

Bee (fig.) [Figurative Animals] debor*

Beggar Petitioner seeking gratuity. [Petitioner] fakir*

Beginning [Absolute Time] dhorj*

Beginning (Order) [Consecutive Order] presem*

Being [Abstract Relations] *

Belief Confidence in the truth or existence of something that may not immediately be susceptible to rigorous proof. [Results of Reasoning] fid*

Believer Essive of religious sentiments. [Religious Sentiments] *

Belly Zoological convexity containing internal organs. [Convexity] ventr*

Benevolence [Diffusive Sympathetic Affections] boniwil*

Berry Small, usually stoneless, juicy fruit. Irrespective of botanical structure. [Fruit] bazj*

Beverage [Food] poj*

Bias [Tendency] *

Bigness Greatness of size. [Size] *

Bigotry Obstinacy against heteroodoxy. [Obstinacy] *

Bile [Organic Fluids] bil*

Bitterness Harsh, disagreeably acrid taste. [Taste] akrib*

Blackmail Stealing by means of intimidation. [Stealing] *

Blackness [Specific Light] neqr*

Bladder Zoological container of fluid or air. [Zoological Container] vesik*

Blemish [Discriminative Affections] makl*

Blindness Inability to perceive light. Lack of vision. [Observation] okew*

Blood [Organic Fluids] haem*

Blood (fig.) [Blood] blod*

Blood Vessel [Conduit] fleb*

Bluntness Lack of sharpness. [Superficial Form] akew*

Blusterer Agent of violence. [Violence] violor*

Boar (fig.) [Figurative Animals] veper*

Boaster Agent of boasting. [Boasting] vanitor*

Boasting Speaking with exaggeration and excessive pride, especially about oneself. [Extrinsic Affections] vanit*

Boat Aquatic vehicle generally used for acquisition of goods, personal transportation, or recreation, but not for transportation of goods or for warfare. [Vehicle] bit*

Boiling Calefaction to vaporization. [Calefaction] *

Bone [Zoological Organization] ost*

Book [Written Language] libr*

Booty Dative patient of stealing. [Stealing] furtend*

Borrowing Receiving with agreement of future reimbursement. [Transfer of Property] *

Botanical Organization [Organization] *

Botany Science of plants. [Special Vitality] fyoc*

Bottle Container primarily for storing liquids or granular solids. [Container] flask*

Boundary Line [Limit] mark*

Bower Rustic or arboreal abode. [Abode] bowr*

Bowl Concave container primarily for liquid foods. [Service Container] *

Brain Organ of intellect and thought. [Intellect] cerebr*

Breadth Secondary linear dimension. [Linear Dimensions] lat*

Breathing Air in motion as a zoological function. [Air in Motion] pn*

Bribe Money or valuable consideration given or promised with a view to corrupting the behavior of a person. [Motive] *

Brittleness Inability to hold fast when subjected to pressure or trauma. Lack of tenacity. [Solid Matter] fri*

Broil [Discord] bruth*

Brother Male sibling. [Connaturality] bratr*

Brow Upper front of the face. [Front] *

Brown [Specific Light] brun*

Bruise Minor deterioration that usually heals quickly. [Deterioration] bruz*

Bubble Mixture of air and water. [Imperfect Fluids] pœmn*

Bud Ruidment of a plant. [Origin] blast*

Budget Money allocated for a particular purpose. [Monetary Relations] bolq*

Bug (fig.) [Figurative Animals] zybub*

Burial Place [Interment] tymb*

Business Execution of plan. [Conceptional Volition] kawp*

Buttock [Zoological Organization] klown*

Buyer Subject of purchase. [Interchange of Property] *

Cabin Freestanding abode of temporary habitation. [Abode] kapan*

Calefaction Addition, generation or application of heat. [Temperature] frawq*

Call Indication via sound. [Indication] vok*

Cancer Abnormal cell growth. [Disease] dhonk*

Candlestick [Luminary] mynor*

Canonicals Instruments of religious practice. [Religious Institutions] *

Canthus The corner where the upper and lower eyelids meet on each side of the eye. [Corner] kanth*

Capability Capacity to do or act. [Power] dhil*

Capacity Intrinsic attribute of quantity. [Intrinsicality] *

Capital Chief municipality of a country, state or jurisdiction. [Chief] kaputanj*

Caprice Sudden change; change without motive; unpredictable change; change with irresolution. [Acts of Volition] *

Capsule [Container] thek*

Care [Precursory Conditions and Operations] cern*

Career Conduct, particularly professional conduct, over the course of a lifetime. [Conduct] *

Cargo Patient of transportation. [Transportation] vehend*

Carriage Transitive motion of one entity on another entity. [Motion] ber*

Cartilage [Zoological Organization] kondr*

Catcall Whistle expressing dislike or of a sexual nature. [Whistle] *

Cathartic Causative agent of cleanness by excretion. [Cleanness] kathar*

Causation [Abstract Relations] *

Cause Constant antecedent. Agent or instrument of causation. [Constancy of Sequence in Events] dhaetj*

Causes of Volition [Individual Volition] *

Caution Alertness and prudence in a hazardous situation. [Prospective Affections] kawt*

Cavalry Company of combatants on horseback. [Combatant] *

Cave [Concavity] qub*

Celebration Proclamation of success or commemoration of an event. [Extrinsic Affections] *

Celebrity Repute bestowed by common consent. [Repute] celebr*

Celestial Body [World] *

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